Gender equality is a very important issue and it is the key for promotion of women. Women are still under-represented in so many fields of sciences in leadership and decision making positions.

In Sudan, women who pursue sciences in higher education institutions are more than men. However, there are still very few women scientists involved in leadership so that the inclusion of women in the management of science and technology institutions has to be promoted.

Scientific research is an urgent need for the development in Sudan as it faces a number of challenges for both men and women. Moreover scientific productivity from developing countries is not only of academic interest, but also essential for promoting the economic and social development of these marginal regions of the world. The ‘culture of science’ must be one of the objectives to overcome hunger, poverty, poor sanitation and illiteracy to sustain development.

SWSO Vision Statement

Increase effectiveness and participation of Sudanese women in science and technology at all levels and enforce women role in development

SWSO Mission Statement

Facilitate capacity building programs and empower women scientists to contribute in community’s development.